"Albert Einstein once said that "Life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance you must keep moving".

Ì felt I was losing my life balance and had little niggly pains in various areas of the body. It was time to do something about it so I plucked up some courage and made an appointment to get assessed by Caroline Gray, founder of Deedy Studio.

From that first encounter with Caroline to today everyone at Deedy has made me feel very welcome, special and unique. 

I have been at Deedy (going to only 1 class per week) for over a year and I can truly say it has been a life changing experience, physically, emotionally, spirtually and mentally. And all this has happened simply by "moving".

The boutique style set up and small classes at Deedy makes you feel included and offers you the opportunity of a little extra help, if needed. It's not long before you feel one of the Deedy family.

The studio is bright and clean with a beautiful wooden floor and a high studded ceiling to create a lovely spacious feeling. The fairy lights on entrance are pretty cool too! 

The classes offer a variety of challenges, from aerobic to just chilling out. Take your pick. There is something for everyone depending on what you are wanting to achieve. "Movement" is the common thread and is something  we all do in our own individual, unique and special way. It has been through Caroline’s movement methodology that I have learnt to move in "my" way. I no longer have the ongoing aches and pains I once had and my life balance is back.

If you are wanting to regain or maintain balance in your life, whether it is to reduce stress and anxiety or get rid of some niggly pain, just a few reasons, I would highly recommend you try some Deedy movement. It is truly a magical experience. Be Deedy to yourself, your body needs it and will love you for it!"

Mark Fewtrell
Massage Therapist

"Just when I thought Deedy couldn’t get any better - it changed! I admit I was worried because I had liked the initial Deedy Studio so much. From world-class urban cool to sophisticated healing centre, not an easy transition to pull off and it worked! 

If you are looking for a place that gives you health, a better mind and body, and puts a smile on your face, guaranteed without stuffiness and always on top of it’s game, come to Deedy. 

I am so lucky I got to be part of the Deedy family from the start. Caroline has been my teacher, mentor and a friendly and supportive presence in my life for a number of years now and helped me at so many levels. I can not wait to find out what amazing ideas will emerge next. I am sure they will be different, surprising and always authentic and cool."

Ute Partridge

"I have taken classes at many Pilates and fitness studios around Auckland and it took just a couple of classes at Deedy to know that the instructor I'd been holding out for, was Caroline. I have explored Deedy's entire movement offering since starting at the studio in January 2017 and my favourites are the ‘Be Gutsy’ TRX classes and the Private Pilates with Caroline.

What I love most about classes at Deedy is the focus on movement integrity. It is so easy to get caught up in working out purely to achieve a certain aesthetic that we forget movement is first and foremost important for everyday function and mobility. The team at Deedy have created a caring and nourishing culture at the studio. It is refreshing to focus on goals such as improving spinal mobility and range of motion, in addition to building strength. 

Training at Deedy has helped me discover a love for movement. With Caroline's support and encouragement, I am now currently studying to become a certified mat Pilates instructor. Watch this space!"

Alice Chan

"Deedy is a great place to get away from the noise of the hustle of life and at the same time do something for yourself. The options are broad with classes that anybody can fit into. Caroline and her team are fantastic at analysing where you are at and fitting you into their small and friendly environment.

This is an easy way to enter the Pilates environment.”

Guy Eady

"Here’s my story - I like many thought Pilates and Yoga was for ladies and I was completely wrong. I’m 59, exercised all my life, I have had various injuries and I am very inflexible. I couldn’t stretch, let alone touch my toes! Getting out of bed or putting on my socks was a real struggle and I had put this down to old age. 

My wife was sick of me moaning and booked me in for private Pilates at Deedy. It’s the best thing I’ve done, I am now flexible, feel great and love my weekly class, I can even touch my toes without moaning. The wife is smiling. Caroline and her team are professional and extremely experienced!! I should have done this years ago!"

Tony Portland 

"Over the past few months Caroline and the team have helped guide me back on my fitness journey, allowing me to regain my strength and confidence. It has been such an amazing experience, and I'm incredibly grateful for their continued support. 

Deedy provides a welcoming and safe space to move, the classes are always varied and all of the team are incredibly personable, knowledgeable and fun... But above, all they are genuinely kind and caring - which makes all the difference!"

Toni Steiner

"I’m Geoff, 66 years of age and carrying a bit of surplus around the middle. I have a couple niggles which are sports, work and age related that gradually inhibited oneself. A knee replacement enabled more mobility and flexibly in my day to day activity.

It was my daughter who noticed that I was awkwardly getting off the floor after playing with my granddaughter and suggested that I should go with her to Pilates.

I bounced the idea off a mate of mine and six months later we are both enjoying the benefits of Caroline and her team. The benefit in muscle tone, flexibility and balance has improved our wellness. We always make it a fun time, with a lot of banter between all."

Geoff Read

"At 50, I realise that to continue to enjoy the physical ability I currently have, I need to have exercise without the risk of injury that includes strength and flexibility in my weekly routine. Caroline and her team have helped me to achieve and maintain good physical fitness for the last couple of years while attending her studio which provides skilled, enjoyable and varied classes, leaving me feeling challenged, stronger and continuing to maintain good flexibility.  

Well done Caro, you and your fabulous team have a great formula!"

Kim Clark