How do you want to FEEL? What does your body NEED?

THE DEEDY MINDSET is about tuning into the conversation between your body and mind and deciding exactly what you want to achieve in each and every class. 

At our studio, classes are categorised by three MINDSETS


Pilates Reformer, Mat, Studio and TRX Training


Pilates Reformer

Pilates Reformer is tried and true. If you are looking to strengthen, lengthen, tone and bring balance to your entire body, Reformer is the way to go! Classes are taught on a bed-like machine which uses spring tension to create resistance as you move the carriage forward and backward.

Reformer classes are dynamic and fun; never failing to offer you something new to learn. Exercises are performed lying on your back, sitting, kneeling, standing - sometimes your hands or feet are suspended in straps. The classes are highly targeted, delivered with an emphasis on control and stability which helps to develop long, lean, happy bodies.

TRX Training

Experience DEEDY's favourite interval training workout dedicated to strengthening and conditioning your entire body. In this class you’ll get your TRX Suspension training fix, along with targeted Pilates exercises to improve your fitness, endurance, stamina and strength.

Studio Group

If you love a personalised approach to Pilates and are familiar with equipment-based training, Studio Group classes are for you. We offer these Pilates sessions as an open level class, suitable for men and women of all ages and physical abilities. 

Our Studio Group class allows each person to focus on their unique physical goals with a flexible class design. Clients will be doing exercises on the Trapeze table, Reformer, Chair, Ladder barrel, Mat, Bosu, TRX, Foam rollers and other small props and will rotate around the studio ensuring all areas of the body get the attention they deserve. 

Private training is recommended for new members joining this class as some experience with Pilates and TRX is recommended before attending Studio Group sessions.

Pilates Mat

Learn how to move with ease in our Pilates Mat classes. Experience the feeling of a totally new body with strengthened, lengthened muscles and mobilised joints. You’ll feel ready for whatever life throws at you, the results of Pilates are life-changing!


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*** Our monthly pass is best value for clients attending 2 or more classes a week. Created to cater to those who like the membership model, without the commitment term of a gym membership! 

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*** All of our Casual, 5, 10 and 20 Class Passes are valid for 6 months from the date of the first class you attend.

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