World-class Pilates to redefine how it feels to move your body.

# B e D e e d y

Hello. Our guess is you’re here because you value your well-being.

You're probably a bit nerdy and you're searching for something deeper from Pilates...

and you've already figured out how much it means to you. 


We're here to work with people just like you.

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DEEDY |ˈdiːdi|

adjective dialect or archaic

Industrious, effective, or earnest

"her actions are unquestionably deedy"

'Deedy' is a word. It means to be industrious, effective or earnest.
To me, Deedy is more than a word. It's a partnership. It's a promise. 

Being industrious is up to YOU, the student.
Being effective is on US, your teachers.
Being earnest is what we do TOGETHER,
to bring strength, flexibility and balance to your body and mind.

Caroline Gray | DEEDY FOUNDER

"Here’s my story -

I, like many, thought Pilates and Yoga was for ladies...

...and I was completely wrong. I’m 59, exercised all my life, I have had various injuries and I am very inflexible. I couldn’t stretch, let alone touch my toes! Getting out of bed or putting on my socks was a real struggle and I had put this down to old age. 

My wife was sick of me moaning and booked me in for private Pilates at Deedy. It’s the best thing I’ve done, I am now flexible, feel great and love my weekly class, I can even touch my toes without moaning. The wife is smiling. Caroline and her team are professional and extremely experienced!! I should have done this years ago!"

Tony Portland 

"Deedy is a great place to get away from the noise

of the hustle of life and at the same time do something for yourself.

The options are broad with classes that anybody can fit into. Caroline and her team are fantastic at analysing where you are at and fitting you into their small and friendly environment.

This is an easy way to enter the Pilates environment.”

Guy Eady

"The classes offer a variety of challenges, from aerobic to just chilling out.

Take your pick. There is something for everyone depending on what you are wanting to achieve.

"Movement" is the common thread and is something we all do in our own individual, unique and special way. It has been through Caroline’s methodology that I have learnt to move in "my" way. I no longer have the ongoing aches and pains I once had and my life balance is back."

Mark Fewtrell | Massage Therapist


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